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The TDASys Difference Between Scheduled and Current Job Locations for Production Control.

Many of the custom ODBC reports illustrated are apparently similar to some of the standard INFISY/Global Shop reports. However, there is a subtle yet substantial difference between the two sets of reports. The standard reports base all of their Production Control calculations upon a Work Order's scheduled location, in other words where a job is scheduled (supposed) to be. These ODBC reports are based upon each job's current location. In other words, where the job is actually located - not where it is scheduled to be.

As an example, consider a job that as of today was scheduled to be half way through machining in the CNC-Mills, but is actually running three days late, stuck in the CNC-Lathes. Production Control reports trying to ascertain; job status, work center load, delivery time, etc. which are based on scheduled location of the job will be off by 3 days. And if the job remains stalled at it's current location, with each passing day the job will grow increasingly late and reports based upon scheduled location will become progressively less accurate.

The ODBC reports illustrated here are based upon a Work Order's current location. In the case of the above example these reports would continue to show the job as located in the CNC-Lathes until the day when that job finally moves on to another Work Center. The advantage of these reports is obvious. Returning to the example, tomorrow a Work Center Load report for the CNC-Mills using scheduled location will ignore the Work Order described above - because the job is scheduled to be out of that Work Center. However, reports using current locations will shift the workload created by this Work Order back into the previous Work Center (CNC-Lathes). Production control will see that this job hasn't arrived at the CNC-Mills yet, and will be able to plan accordingly.