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The TDASys Difference Between Employee Performance Reports and Employee Monitoring Reports.

Performance reports compare employee productivity to management estimates and sometimes to the productivity of other employees. They are used in the analysis of job profitability and frequently express performance in terms of a percentage. An example of an employee with a performance rating of 1.25% on a specific Work Order Sequence that indicates he completed the operation faster than the amount of time estimated by Engineering for that operation.

Monitoring reports are used to supervise employees. These reports do not calculate performance ratings, but they do indicate whether employees are scanning in correctly on their jobs. An employee whose total number of hours scanned is dramatically less than his normal shift is either not a very productive employee, or is not scanning in on his jobs. The GSS system can not accurately calculate job costs unless all employees have scanned in on their jobs. Furthermore, current job location is based upon the last scan made on a job. Production Control reports will only be accurate when employees scan in on their jobs.